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Supporters who voted for Barack Obama didn’t know their candidate.

A Zobgy Poll to be released later today will show that supporters who voted for Barack Obama didn’t know their candidate. In fact, they didn’t know much at all.

Obama voters didn’t know: (followed by answers):

Which political party controls Congress (Democrats)
Who is Barney Frank? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? (Congressman, Speaker of the House, Majority leader in the Senate, all Dems)
Which candidate said they had campaigned in 57 states (Obama, but most attributed it Palin)
Which candidate won their first election by getting all their opponents kicked off the ballot (Obama)
Which candidate said that Obama would be tested in his first 6 months by an international crisis? (Biden, but most attributed that statement to McCain)
Which candidate had to quit a previous campaign because they were found to have plagiarized a speech (Biden)
Which candidate said their own policies would bankrupt the coal industry (Obama)
Which candidate said we should redistribute the wealth (Obama, but responders liked the idea of wealth redistributed)
Who is Bill Ayers?


Has Liberty Gone Out Of Style?

Has Liberty Gone Out Of Style? Why do so many people not understand the founding principles of this country? Do they not understand what it took to found this nation or the ideals behind it. A free people governing themselves. Continue reading ‘Has Liberty Gone Out Of Style?’

The American Common Man

The American Common Man Is Not Any Smarter Than The Russian Peasant Of 1917

Yes the American common man is being sold a bill of goods. Although they were called  Bolsheviks in 1917  today they are dressed up in a new package but the message is quite the same. So many Americans today do not have an understanding of the foundations of our republic. A republic founded on the principle of free men governing themselves. They are to readily eager to sell out to the Marxists ideals of the past that have been repackaged. The below link is an article direct from the Communist Party USA website.

“At its quarterly national committee meeting this past weekend, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) called for a landslide in the November 4th elections to defeat John McCain and strengthening the Democratic Party majorities in Congress.”

So why is the Communist Party USA backing the Democrat Party in this years elections? I think the answer to that should be simple to any free thinking American. They share the same values?

Continue reading ‘The American Common Man’

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