Has Liberty Gone Out Of Style?

Has Liberty Gone Out Of Style? Why do so many people not understand the founding principles of this country? Do they not understand what it took to found this nation or the ideals behind it. A free people governing themselves.

I think too many don’t. All I seem to hear now days is what is the government going to do for me. How much more money can I get from the federal treasury? I need health care and money for collage and on and on. The problem with liberty is that your on your own. It takes responsibility.

People now days don’t want to think about it. Just take care of me that’s all, liberty who cares. Thomas Jefferson said (He who trades liberty for security deserves neither). They do not understand that when you relinquish responsibility to the government you are under the will and the mercy of the collective not individual freedom.

I think the roots of this type of thinking where for the most part born in the 60’s with the hippy movement. Free love, do what you feel and it don’t matter, no responsibility. So now we are left with a generation of babies not adults.

The founding fathers of this nation understood liberty. They came from a place where there was a king with absolute power and they understood tyranny and how absolute power corrupts absolutely. They did the best they could to set up a government with a balance of power.

So many people want to return to the days of a government all powerful. Our founding fathers understood that government is tyrannical by nature and needs reins to hold it in check.

People today see the government as good and are asking for a bigger and bigger roll for government. As Thomas Jefferson said (He who trades liberty for security deserves neither) and so wisely so understood that when you relinquish your responsibility to a caretaker to care for you you become the slave of that caretaker.


4 Responses to “Has Liberty Gone Out Of Style?”

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