What is a liberal?

What is a liberal?

I have been on a quest to understand liberalism for many years. Many people are unaware of this belief system growing in American society today.  The religion of  liberalism has been growing at a rampant pace. Yes that’s right I said religion.

A liberal is one who feels he is superior with his ideals far above what common folk could understand. He is  highly arrogant and sees himself as an elite in society. This is why the big lib Al Gore can fly around in private jets and preach to others, use less gas, turn down your air conditioner and so forth to save the planet but he himself has no guilt. He is an elite, yes a king of sort in his own mind.


He is often frustrated  when others can’t see the wisdom in his plan after all he is superior in his own mind. Even though he considers himself to be superior he is frustrated with his own life and failures. He must continue on his never ending quest to create some sort of perfect society that can not ever be achieved. Yes there are may names for what he wants to do and many have tried. Communism, fascism, dictator, king, history is full of them. A world where the elite like himself know what is best, however what he creates is a system of tyranny. 

He sees people  not as individuals but as groups like blacks, Hispanics, Jews, women, white middle class, the rich and so on. After all the individual can not be trusted. He sees the individual is incapable, incompetent and unable to care for himself unless he the elite one comes to there rescue.

He hates capitalism  because it lets the individual empower himself.  The liberal is all to eager to point out with glee when the stock market goes down or when a business fails. Then he can say, see I told you so! You have no options unless you become part of the collective. You see if the individual can empower himself there is no need for the liberal.

Many have bought into his lies. He says he just wants to help you. Lie! He will enslave you! He wants to build his power by making you need him. When you need him he is all powerful and he will do whatever it takes to make you need him.

As I said in the beginning religion. Since for him there is no God  he sees  the government as the ultimate authority and a fix all to all problems. Yes he looks out on the fruited plain and sees baby birds everywhere and unless he and his kind drop a worm in each mouth they will starve. Yes he does what he does for the good of country because for him the individual is incapable.

by elinkfind


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